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Afghan Migrants in Iran Speak Out Against Arrests, Deportations

AMU TV, Afghanistan | 16/10/2023

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Migrants from Afghanistan residing in Iran raised concerns about alleged “forced arrests and deportations,” saying the Iranian government detains and mistreats individuals, including those with legal documentation.

Living with daily challenges and the constant fear of deportation, Afghan immigrants in Iran share stories of hardship and uncertainty.

Masoud Ibrahimi, an Afghan immigrant living in Iran with his family for nearly three years, is one of those grappling with the situation. Despite holding legal certificates, he has been unable to enroll his children in Iranian schools.

“We have diplomas, but our children don’t have diplomas; when we go to school, they don’t accept and don’t get them,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahimi’s experience is not unique, as reports of arrests and deportations of Afghan immigrants in Iran have escalated in recent weeks, leaving them feeling unsafe both in their neighborhoods and workplaces.

“They take Afghans, cross their border; we came to Iran to work for four days. They don’t let us go to work in the morning. Today we went to work, they arrested us, we had documents, and they released us. Those who didn’t have cards, they cross the border and go to Afghanistan,” expressed an Afghan refugee in Iran.

Since the Taliban regained control in Afghanistan, numerous individuals, from journalists to civil servants, have had to flee the country, with some seeking refuge in Iran. Now, the non-renewal of their visas in Iran has become another source of concern.

“Next to the immigrants who entered Iran illegally, the immigrants who entered Iran legally and with visas are at risk of deportation. Afghan immigrants have faced inappropriate treatment from the citizens of Iran. Humiliation, insults, and beatings are among the reported incidents,” stated Ruhollah Arman, an Afghan journalist in exile in Iran.

As these Afghan immigrants grapple with the fear of detention in Iran, 540 civil activists, journalists, artists, academics, lawyers, and doctors have signed a petition urging their fellow citizens not to succumb to racism and hatred, emphasizing the importance of respecting the human dignity and rights of Afghan immigrants based on moral principles and international law.

This article was first published in AMU TV, Afghanistan

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