Myanmar's Junta Arrests Journo Under Anti-Terror Law

KYRA BHALLA/An Awaaz South Asia Special | 12/01/2024

Courtesy: Radio Free Asia

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Myanmar based journalist and acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Shin Daewe was given a life sentence under the country’s anti-terrorism law Wednesday, sparking outrage from rights groups and media members.


According to RFA Burmese, Shin Daewe was arrested on October 15 for ‘violating the law,’ while picking up a video drone for her documentary work. During police interrogation, it appeared she had been tortured as she ended up with stitches on her head and welts on her arms.The 50-year-old filmmaker, known for shedding light on Myanmar’s environmental challenges and the impact of the conflict post-2021 coup, faced a secret military tribunal without legal representation, raising concerns of an unfair trial. International bodies and media watchdogs are calling for her immediate release, condemning the junta’s suppression of free speech and dissent.

A veteran journalist during Myanmar’s Saffron Revolution, Shin Daewe transitioned to full time-documentary filmmaking in 2010, earning accolades for her work at local and international film festivals.

Her sentencing has prompted a renewed focus on the junta's crackdown on media freedom, with human rights advocates calling for an end to the military regime’s impunity.

The pro-junta narrative has accused Shin Daewe of transporting weapons but has been challenged by media outlets and international organizations, emphasizing the need for her unconditional release. 


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