Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Supporting returning migrant workers in Bangladesh

NUSHIN SUBHAN/World Bank | 30/01/2024

On a warm summer day in 2022, Abdus Salam, a tea stall owner in Chorlokhha Union, Chattogram, Bangladesh, greeted two young girls accompanied by their father.....

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Green Financing Allows Women in Nepal to Shape Their Own Futures

| 30/01/2024

As a single parent in her late 30s, Ganga Didi long worried about being able to provide for her child.....

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South Asia Poised for 5.8% Growth in 2024, Outpacing Global Regions

The World Bank | 29/01/2024

South Asia is expected to grow by 5.8 percent this year—higher than any other developing country region in the world......

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Challenges for Children Hit Hard, in My Home Sri Lanka

SANJAY WIJESEKERA/ Unicef | 28/01/2024

Since starting as Regional Director for UNICEF South Asia in June 2023......

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South Asia Faces Risk of Stranded Workers with Lower Wages and Limited Opportunities Amidst Green Transition

MARGARET TRIYANA/The World Bank | 26/01/2024

South Asia’s transition away from fossil fuels will have significant labor market impacts, which could leave many workers stranded in lower-wage jobs.....

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Rohingya Emergency

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees | 25/01/2024

Rohingya refugees fled violence in Myanmar at a staggering rate in 2017 – and the numbers keep growing.....

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The Double-Edged Sword, Social Media's Influence on South Asian Youth's Mental Health

TENZING NAMTSR LAMA, Unicef | 24/01/2024

Social media is an integral part of young people’s lives today.....

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Crisis to Care, World Bank's Swift Response Sustains Health Services in South Asia

MARTIN RAISER & LENA GEMPKE/ World Bank | 23/01/2024

Around a year ago, we had a discussion in the South Asia management team on the role of social accountability in development.....

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