Nepal Politics 
China’s Engagement in Nepal

Centre for Social Inclusion and Federalism (CESIF) | 22/01/2024

Courtesy: CESIF

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In recent years, China is aggressively asserting its role in global affairs, disrupting past orders, generating new processes, and reconfi guring dynamics at the domestic, regional and global levels. China growing infl uence has also transformed relations with Nepal in the past 15 years. Historically, China has played a signifi cant role in Nepal's strategy for survival. However, in recent years, Chinese engagements in Nepal have diversifi ed around its core strategic interests. Although there is extensive documented research about Nepal's contemporary relations with other countries like India, there are very few works that chart Nepal's partnership with China and its impact on Nepal's national interests and society. This book compiles key features of Chinese engagements in Nepal in areas of strategic security, politics, economy, public diplomacy, and development cooperation since the turn of the century. It also analyses the implications of emerging trends in bilateral relations, particularly after the rise of KP Oli in Nepali politics. This book is intended as a background study that can serve further research and exploration. 
(This article was first published by Centre for Social Inclusion and Federalism, South Asia). 

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