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Karnataka Sets Up Fact-Check Unit, 1st State in India to Do So

KYRA BHALLA/An awaaz South Asia Special | 22/01/2024

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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In the run up to the general election, the Congress government in Karnataka has become the first state in the country to form its own fact-check unit, called the Information Disorder Tracking Unit.

The government has short-listed five companies towards this effort -- Gauri Media, Logically Infomedia, Trylika Technology, Newsplus Communications, and OW Data Leads. IT minister Priyank Kharge has begun a series of meetings with these firms to discuss their potential roles and contributions.

According to the Economic Times, these companies will play a crucial role in addressing information disorders and ensuring the accuracy of content during the electoral process.

Guruprasad DN, the editor of the Kannada website, told ET, “Facts are neither left-leaning or right-leaning. They’re simply facts. We’re neither pro-establishment nor anti-establishment. Irrespective of who the incumbent government is, news will be fact-checked.”

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