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Long Lung Game; Slowing Consumption

MOHIT SATYANAND/SubStack | 30/01/2024

Investing taught me to play the long game.....

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Mine & AI’s Experiments with Truth

VASANT DHAR/SubStack | 17/01/2024

Happy New Year!....

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Plant-Based Future Sounds like an Experiment in a Lab

Vasant Dhar/Substack | 09/01/2024

Peter is one of the world’s best known moral philosophers.....

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Embracing Mistakes & Maintaining a Quiet Mind: Mohit Satyanand

MOHIT SATYANAND/Substack | 01/01/2024

“It’s Old Man - for the Old Year.”....

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Can AI Help Fix the Health Crisis in America?

JYOTI MALHOTRA / Awaaz South Asia, India | 07/11/2023

My most recent podcast guest was David Sontag, Professor of Computer Science at MIT. David has been working at the intersection of AI and Healthcare for many years. He has great insights into the current pain points of the healthcare system....

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Can the Pain-to-Gain Ratio be used to Resolve Conflict & How can AI help in the Israel-Hamas war

VASANT DHAR / India | 25/10/2023

I always get a chuckle recounting a story of a friend and former New York Mercantile Exchange floor trader, who went from euphoria to near destruction within minutes. He survived, ending the day flat, and stumbled home in a daze. His wife asked him a....

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Defeat Is Not Failure

Mohit Satyanand | 01/10/2023

Sanjoy and I had set up Teamwork Films in 1990, making documentaries and training films rooted in rural India. Then Zee TV was launched in 1992, and we saw a commercial outlet for the skills we had gathered. Over the next three years, we produced a g....

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The Bizarro World of AI

Vasant Dhar | 01/10/2023

I spoke at a recent conference at the NYU Law School on the “Opportunities and Risks of AI” with my Computer Science colleagues Yann LeCun and Anasse Bari, and Yale Law School Lecturer Andrew Miller.....

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