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Pakistan Media Creates ‘Coalition’ to Fight Media Shutdowns

An Awaaz South Asia Special | 23/01/2024

Pakistan’s media associations have decided to come together and form a coalition to fight against increasing restrictions on free speech......

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Karnataka Sets Up Fact-Check Unit, 1st State in India to Do So

KYRA BHALLA/An awaaz South Asia Special | 22/01/2024

In the run up to the general election, the Congress government in Karnataka has become the first state in the country to form its own fact-check unit......

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Why 2023 was a bad year for Nepali media, with attacks, arrests & layoffs

SHAYEREE GHOSH/An Awaaz South Asia Special | 15/01/2024

Nepal's media has been facing an onslaught of harassment, threats, attacks and arrests despite its apparent vibrancy, with the year 2023 racking up 58 incidents of press violations, according to the Federation of Nepal Journalists (FNJ).....

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Myanmar's Junta Arrests Journo Under Anti-Terror Law

KYRA BHALLA/An Awaaz South Asia Special | 12/01/2024

Myanmar based journalist and acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Shin Daewe was given a life sentence under the country’s anti-terrorism law Wednesday, sparking outrage from rights groups and media members.....

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Don't Take what Foreign Media says at Face Value

Awaaz South Asia | 05/01/2024

“Don’t take what they say in the foreign media at face value,”....

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Why 2023 Was Such a Bad Year for Pakistan's Media

KYRA BHALLA/An Awaaz South Asia Special | 04/01/2024

The year 2023 has proved to be one of the toughest years for journalists in Pakistan.....

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Why Rahul Kanwal is Wearing a Saffron Scarf at Somnath Temple

JYOTI MALHOTRA | 01/01/2024

India Today executive editor and influential media personality Rahul Kanwal tweeted his obeisance at the Somnath Temple in Gujarat on New Year’s Day....

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Can AI Implement and Ensure the Ethics of Journalism

BHANU BHAKTA ACHARYA/ The Kathmandu Post | 20/12/2023

Technology has been a timeless force shaping the landscape of journalism from the telegraph in the 1840s to the recent surge of various generative Artificial Intelligence.......

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