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Decoding India’s FTA Journey: What does the Future Hold?


International trade forms an important part of an economy’s growth profile, and the recent numbers by the World Bank indicate that trade as a percentage of the gross domestic product stood at 74 per cent in 2022.....

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An Agenda for Technology

SANJAY ANANDARAM, NatStrat | 30/01/2024

2024 is the year of elections with at least 64 countries (including India and plus the EU) representing about half the world’s population going to the polls.....

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Upper Siang Hydroelectric Project – Key to Prosperity in Arunachal Pradesh

DEVENDRA KUMAR SHARMA/ NatStrat | 29/01/2024

China has proposed the construction of a 60,000 MW (60 GW) Hydropower Project in Medog county......

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India-Nepal Relations in the Contemporary Geopolitical Context

RANJIT RAE/ NatStrat | 28/01/2024

Nepal is increasingly buffeted by geopolitical cross currents.....

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India-Nepal Relations: Regional, Sub-regional and Bilateral Opportunities

PANKAJ SARAN/ NatStrat | 26/01/2024

It has been argued that the Indian subcontinent has not been a fertile ground for regional cooperation .......

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Countering Maritime Crime in the Indian Ocean: Evaluating the Effectiveness of IORA

THESHANI WELIGAMAGE/The Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute | 25/01/2024

The security landscape in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) has experienced significant volatility......

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Maritime Challenges in the Red Sea and the Need for De-escalation through Diplomacy

SHANTANU MUKHARJI/ NatStrat | 24/01/2024

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has led to a geopolitical impact in an unexpected part of the world......

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India-Bangladesh: Carving a New Destiny for South Asia

SREERADHA DATTA/NatStrat | 23/01/2024

India and Bangladesh have together breached ceilings that were considered impregnable in South Asia.....

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